About Himalayan Trexplorers

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 2.30.12 PMHimalayan Trexplorers is a premium trekking company which offers world class holidays and quality service in the Nepal Himalaya.  We offer a range of trekking adventures in the Everest and Annapurna regions with a special focus on positive experience and quality education.  Our comfortably-paced trek itineraries allow people of all age ranges and abilities to explore the remote reaches of Nepal and safely enjoy their time in the world’s tallest mountains.


We deliver a high value service through a personalized approach to ensure customer satisfaction, and eagerly modify itineraries to suit personal interests and preferences. Trekking with us is not just a hike through the mountains; every Trexplorers adventure is an outstanding educational experience in geology, zoology, botany, ecology, history, geopolitics and many other topics.  The trek itineraries are accentuated by mini-seminars on various topics germane to the locality, side trips to magnificent locations, close contact with local culture and nature, as well as plentiful opportunities for personal exploration and enjoyment.

Drawing on years of experience, the itineraries are designed to ensure a comfortable pace, safe passage, and an inexhaustible supply of fantastic memories.  The pace emphasizes enjoyment of the locality, not racing to the top;  this is particularly appealing to trekkers who like to indulge in photography, videography, or just basic exploring and enjoying of the remote locations we visit.

We aim to maintain our brand as a dependable provider of user friendly trekking packages.  Our expeditions are organized around safety as a focal point, with provision of high-quality guiding, logistical and educational service as key elements of our product, providing maximum customer satisfaction.

Emil Kaminski, the founder of Trexplorers, has spent most of his adult life hiking and climbing various mountains around the world.  Having climbed in the Andes, North American Cordillera, and New Zealand’s Southern Alps, as well as countless mountains and volcanoes scattered all over the globe, and drawing on his guiding experience in the Canadian Rockies, he has been sharing his love of the Himalaya since 2005.  What originally started as small just-for-fun expeditions with friends, eventually grew into a professional guiding service through the world’s tallest and most magnificent mountain range.


Emil delivers his package of information, education, and entertainment in a lively and friendly format.  In stark contrast to large groups of tired and bored hikers, Emil’s customers enjoy a phenomenal range of new experiences accentuated by well-delivered information about the mountains and Himalayan life, while superbly taken care of by a team of trained and experienced support staff.  Emil’s own love of geology, nature, history, as well as videography spills into every trek, and Trexplorers’ guests are always left with an impression that this is a company dedicated to the delivery of maximum quality experience.

The Nepali team  is composed of well experienced guides and porters who are carefully selected for mountain experience, reliability, as well as their pleasant manner.  They work hard during the day, the porters carrying our guests’ gear and the guides ensuring safety and enjoyment by pointing out interesting spots and providing explanations.  Upon arrival at the day’s destination, they make all the necessary arrangements to ensure that the guests comfortably settle into their rooms, but afterwards are more than happy to engage customers in song and dance, or just entertain with jokes and stories in the warm atmosphere of the guesthouse dining area.

An important member of the team is Shree Dhittal who works out of our Kathmandu office.  In addition to arranging trekking permits and taking care of other paperwork, Shree handles various support work such as domestic and international air transport arrangements including airline tickets as well as logistical helicopters, as needed.  Since the team is in regular contact with the Kathmandu office, Shree also passes up-to-date weather information which the trekking team uses to modify trekking schedules to ensure comfort and safety.  The Thamel office’s central location provides convenience and support to all our customers before, during, and after the trek, and everyone on the office team will be more than happy to see you pop in and say “hello”!

During whichever Trexplorers experience you choose, you will visit dozens of remote villages, encounter hundreds of friendly people, and see countless breathtaking spots.  All aspects of the trek will be handled by the superbly trained team and you will not have to worry about anything other than enjoying your time in the Himalaya.  All members of the Himalayan Trexplorers team work hard to ensure you have an adventure of a lifetime and that you board your flight out of Nepal with the biggest possible smile on your face and the best memories in your head.