photo_23Separating two Asian giants, China to the North and India to the South, Nepal is a country of irresistible natural beauty, exotic cultures and warmhearted people.  As the land of the great Himalaya and the birthplace of Buddhism, it is a perfect blend of  antiquity and adventure.

photo_29 (1)Geographically, the country is divided into three regions; the Mountains, Hills and Terai regions, accommodating 7%, 44% and 49 % of the population respectively. The Mountain and Hill areas of Nepal occupy almost 80% of its total land area. The Terai region is flat and low-lying, and contains the most fertile land.

Nepal’s total land area is 147,000 square kilometres, slightly larger than England. Altitude above sea level varies from 60m in the Terai to the 8,850m of Mt Everest, the highest peak in the world.

Nepal contains many official Conservation Areas, National Parks and Wildlife Reserves.  Two special areas have UNESCO World Heritage Natural Site status: Chitwan National Park, and Sagarmatha National Park.  Chitwan, covering 932 square kilometres, and lying in the south of the country, is renowned for its abundant wildlife. Sagarmatha National Park, covering 1148 square kilometres in the north east, is crowned by Mt. Everest, together with other high peaks such as Lhotse Shar, Ama Dablam, Pumori, Kangtega and Thamserku. Sagarmatha was granted World Heritage status in 1979, and is renowned world-over for the fantastic vistas of the Central Himalayan Range.

Himalayan Trexplorers’ adventures begin in Kathmandu, which is located at approximately 1,400 metres above sea level.  From there we either fly to Lukla (2,860 metres a.s.l.) for the Everest Trek, or take a bus down to Besi Sahar (750 m a.s.l.) which is the trailhead for the Annapurna Circuit Trek.  The treks take us through temperate broadleaf forests of the low elevations, via coniferous forests all the way to the montane and alpine zones of the Himalaya, well above 5,000 metres of elevation.  Such great changes of elevation leave all visitors breathless, both literally as well as figuratively, and make for one of the most amazing travel experiences.

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