On the trek

Himalayan Texplorers’ trekking expeditions are managed by a team of professionally trained leaders/guides responsible for all aspects of the journey.  Thoughtfully designed daily schedules ensure maximum comfort and safety of the trekkers while maximizing everyone’s enjoyment. Here is a sample of your Trexperience!

Your day starts around 6:30 AM with a cup of hot tea / hot chocolate served in your room. You pack your luggage and hand it over to the porters and then proceed to the lodge’s dining area for some hearty breakfast.

After breakfast we set off on the trail, enjoying the pleasant cool of the morning. Your day’s trek involves navigating numerous picturesque forests, hills, mountains and the local villages for the next three hours or so. We make several interpretive stops along the way, and slowly work our way through the local attractions while enjoying clean and crisp morning air.  Seeing that you only carry your day pack with some water, snacks, and a layer of clothing lest it get colder, this is a pleasant and strain-free walk.  This, however, is offset by the fact that hiking at the ever increasing elevation is very different from hiking near the sea level, and you most certainly will appreciate the work done by the porters.

While at the start of the hike the temperatures may be quite low (ranging from about 15 to as low as -5 degrees Celsius), they slowly but surely go up as the day progresses, and it is not uncommon to experience balmy 18 to 20 degrees by midday, even as high as Everest Base Camp.

Sometimes snow is encountered, although the timing of the trips is such that the exposure is minimal, and usually only adds to the experience.  The likelihood of snow encounters is greater during our March/April itineraries.

Around noon we stop at a pleasant spot along the way for lunch. Your midday lunch break usually lasts about an hour and is a time to relax, pop the boots off and air out your feet. Plenty of time is allowed for photography, or just snooping about and getting to know the place.

After lunch you’ll walk another hour or two, before you stop for the night. You have enough time to change and freshen up, and then explore the area.

Each evening is spent as per your interest for reading or chatting with the fellow trekkers, although we strongly encourage everyone to participate in our informative sessions in the lodge dining area where you learn about the mountains, the fauna, flora, geology, history, religion, and culture.  Delivered in a fun and relaxed manner, these sessions serve as debriefings for the day, as well as a prep-up for the next day’s attractions, as well as a friendly Q and A session where everyone shares their experiences and stories.

Finally, if you are brave enough to face the night’s cold, you can head outside for some of the best stargazing in the world, or simply skip this part and head off to bed for a well deserved rest before you start the adventure all over again.