If a photo is worth a thousand words, then a video equals a million!  Have a look at some short clips from our Himalayan treks:

Himalayan Trexplorers Everest Base Camp Trek

This video is a short collage of just a fraction of the amazing sights you will catch on your way to the bottom of the world’s tallest mountain.  Essentially, it is the 3 week trek condensed into a 5 minute movie.  Sit back and enjoy!


Summit of Kala Patthar

Kala Patthar is a mountain few hundred metres above Gorak Shep, near the end of the Everest Base Camp Trek, and only a few kilometres from Mt. Everest. Presiding above the massive Khumbu Glacier, it commands superb views of the world’s tallest mountain as well as a spectacular panorama of peaks near and far. This is the apex of our journey to the Base Camp, and everyone is buzzing with highly contagious excitement.

Hike to Dingboche

Himalayan weather is quite variable, and you can easily experience all four seasons not just within the trek, but within 15 minutes. In this short video clip we hike to Dingboche which turns out to be under 2 feet of snow despite it only being October. Prepare for surprises, but enjoy the vistas!

Everest Base Camp

A visit to the Everest Base Camp, on the south side of Mt. Everest. After 2 weeks of trekking, this is it: an enormous river of ice at the foot of an enormous mountain, majestically blue sky, brilliantly white snow, clean air, and an overwhelming feeling of success. This is just a short clip, but you could easily spend the better part of the day filming and taking photos, or just taking it all in. Enjoy!

Nuptse Avalanches

The best thing to do, once at Gorak Shep, which is the apex of the Everest trek, is nothing! Sit, chill, and enjoy the surroundings. The Khumbu Glacier and the surrounding peaks provide amazing views. If it isn’t the animals scurrying about, or the clouds shifting around the mountains, or the low rumble of slowly moving river of ice beneath your feet, then it may be a massive avalanche coming down the western face of Nuptse… You have worked hard to get here, you deserve to take a few days of rest and take it all in.

Everest Trek Timelapses

This video is a collection of timelapses shot on the way to Everest Base Camp in the Nepal Himalaya.  Shot in 2012-2013, this took a total of 8 weeks of shooting and some 120 gigabytes of HD footage.

Mountain Critters
While on the Everest Trek, you come face to face with a lot of rare mountain wildlife. This video provides a very short glimpse at the variety of interesting critters you will encounter on your Everest adventure.

Tengboche Monastery

Tengboche Monastery, also known as Dawa Choling Gompa, is located 3,867 metres above sea level (12,687 ft). Built in 1916 by Lama Gulu, this is the largest gompa in the Khumbu region. In 1934 it was destroyed by an earthquake and was subsequently rebuilt. In 1989, it was destroyed for a second time by a fire and then rebuilt with the help of volunteers and international assistance.

Namche Break

Namche Bazaar is the largest settlement trekkers pass through on their way to the Everest Base Camp. While the place itself is an oasis offering all kinds of services, the nearby trails offer some great hiking which is an outstanding way to aid in your acclimatization while enjoying some of the greatest vistas in the world.

Above Dingboche

Dingboche, located at 4,400m above sea level (14,000ft a.s.l.) is a sizeable village and a convenient stop for trekkers making their way to Everest Base Camp. It is a great place to stay an extra day to allow a better acclimatization, and so a natural choice is to hike up the mountainsides above the village, catch some great views of the surrounding peaks, and otherwise enjoy a great day.

Night Photography

The clarity of Himalayan air presents phenomenal views of the skies as well as mountains. Here is a short video clip showing the fun of experimenting with our cameras, trying to get that ultimate Himalayan nighttime photo.

Mountain Fun

After a few days or weeks of trekking, all our groups develop a bit of a team spirit, and before long, there is a lot of laughing, singing, and other random fun. This video is a collection of random goofy clips of people having a good time in the Himalaya.

Mountain Health

Keeping healthy is of paramount importance on our treks, and this video is a collection of short clips about various aspects of health monitoring while trekking in the Khumbu Region.

The Gamow Bag

The Gamow Bag is a portable recompression bag allowing trekkers to get pressurized to a lower elevation in the event of AMS (or worse) and an inability to physically evacuate. This clip is a video demonstration of how the Gamow Bag is used.

Trekkers’ Food

Trekking in the Himalaya is not all about trail mix and rice. Have a look at this video mix of the lovely food you will munch on during your time with Himalayan Trexplorers.

Lukla Airport

Lukla Airport is the gateway to the Solkhumbu region, and this is where the Everest adventure begins. It is a seriously busy little strip, and on days when the weather cooperates, it puts on a hell of a show!

Mountain Flight

This is a brief video shot during a jet flight through the Himalaya. If you plan your arrival carefully and ensure a daytime arrival in Kathmandu, you are just about guaranteed some spectacular views of at least a portion of the Great Himalayan Range, especially if arriving from New Delhi or Hong Kong.