Why Trexplorers?

Here are Top Ten reasons why you should join us in our Himalayan adventures:

1) Experience: We have been guiding people for well over a decade and we have developed a keen sense of what is a worthwhile experience, what problems can be encountered, and how to avoid them.

2) Relaxed pace: You didn’t come all the way to Nepal to rush through what should be an adventure of a lifetime.  We move at a comfortable and safe pace which allows you plenty of time to stop and smell the flowers, or, alternately, see the glaciers.

3) Outstanding acclimatization schedules: over the years we have seen many people run into trouble because of poorly planned itineraries which resulted in a rush up into the mountains with complete disregard for proper acclimatization.  This often results in at best, headache, but often an evacuation which ruins your trip and wastes your money.

4) The famous Himalayan Trexplorers’ commentary:  You are not merely paying money to be taken from one place to another: a GPS unit can do that for you.  What you get with Trexplorers is an all around information package introducing you to the Himalaya in a way that no other company can offer.  Emil’s commentary is a fun and energetic package delivered in a down to earth but packed with valuable information which makes you feel more like you are in a BBC nature show than on a hike.

5) Educational value: Lifelong learners particularly enjoy the fact that every Trexperience is about learning, observing, and sharing the fun of exploration with others.  Our itineraries, paths, and timings are designed in a way that maximizes your exposure to the exotic and fascinating local phenomena, putting you in the lead, and making sure that with Trexplorers you are not merely on a hike, you are on an adventure.

6) Safety:  We live and breathe mountains.  We read the weather, we observe our surroundings, and make our decisions based on what is happening around us. Safety is paramount, and a huge part of our success.  When you join Himalayan Trexplorers, you are well taken care of, and we do not take liberties with your personal safety.

7) A well trained team: all our staff are trained in first aid as Emil is an Emergency First Response Instructor.  In addition, the guides are trained in Wilderness Medicine, and all our expeditions are well equipped with comprehensive first aid kits.

8) Small group atmosphere: We cap our teams at a maximum of 10 guests which prevents that horrible feeling of being just a number.  The guesthouses preserve an atmosphere of a mountain hut as opposed to feeling like a convention at the Hyatt.  Prices are a lot cheaper with large groups, but the quality quickly suffers.


9) Flexible itineraries: Because the group sizes are small, we can narrow down everyone’s interests and modify itineraries to maximize enjoyment.  Sometimes a group is into exercise, another time – birdwatching. We carefully gauge what the interests are, and modify the schedule accordingly to make sure we get to see the things we are really interested in.

10) Great memories: You can see from our website, we are hugely into photography and videography.  Every Trexplorers group ends up with its own DVD memory of the trek together with hundreds of high quality photographs.  If you are specifically interested in mountain photography and videography, Emil is full of valuable pointers regarding how to shoot, what to shoot, and when to shoot it.